3 Reasons To Buy Your Used Big Rig From A Dealer

All you need is access to a reliable semi truck to get started in the shipping industry. The price of new tractor trailers is out of reach for many owner operators. Used freightliner trucks can provide an affordable and viable alternative to new semi trucks.

You will probably be able to locate several used semi trucks being sold by their previous owners. Rather than investing in a private sale, you should opt to work with a reputable dealer when buying your next used big rig.

1. Financing

One of the greatest benefits that you will enjoy when you buy your used semi truck from a dealer is access to a variety of financing options. You can obtain financing through your bank, or work with the dealership to secure in-house financing. These financing options allow you to keep more of your money in your pocket.

You can utilize the savings to help grow your shipping business in the future. Buying from an individual can require a higher down payment and you will need to cover the costs of title transfer and licensing. Buy from a reputable dealer if you want to free up your cash flow.

2. Maintenance

The engine that powers your used big rig will play a critical role in determining how efficiently you can deliver goods for your customers. Freightliner trucks being sold by individuals might have mechanical problems that you are unaware of until after the sale. These unexpected repairs can end up eating in your profits.

Dealerships typically complete full mechanical inspections on the used big rigs they sale to the public. Any mechanical problems will be identified and addressed during this inspection. A reputable dealer will let you know about any major repairs, and offer you some recourse if the used truck you purchase breaks down shortly after driving it off the lot.

3. Warranty

The last thing you want is the cost of truck repairs to place an undue financial burden on your shoulders after you purchase a used semi truck. Many reputable dealerships are willing to offer limited warranties that help offset the cost of any repairs needed in the months following your used semi purchase.

Look for a warranty on the engine, transmission, and drivetrain to help ensure that the cost of repairing any major malfunctions with your big rig will not compromise the profitability of your owner operator shipping company in the future.