Why Your Truck Could Be Shaking

Your truck is designed to be a sturdy vehicle, with normal expectations of the truck driving down the road smoothly when you're behind the wheel. However, it's possible that your truck has started to shake in a way that you cannot explain. Here are a few reasons why your truck may have suddenly started shaking.

Tire Issues

The first thing you should do is check your tires since it can be a problem that you can easily fix. Check the air pressure to make sure that all tires have the proper amount of air in them. If the air pressure is low, it can cause the vehicle to drive unevenly and shake. The simple solution is to fill up the tires with more air so that they are at the recommended levels.

Air Sensor Issues

Vehicle shaking can actually be caused by a problem under the hood rather than with your tires. One part that you may not think is the problem is called the vehicle mass air sensor. This is the sensor that has the responsibility of regulating how much air goes into the engine for fuel combustion. There is a very specific ratio of air to fuel that is needed for your engine to run properly.

If the air sensor is not working properly, you can experience engine misfiring. This is what prevents the engine from running smoothly, causes the pistons to fire chaotically, and leads to your vehicle shaking violently when idle or accelerating.

Fuel Injection Issues

Another possibility is a problem with the fuel injection system. Its job is to provide the proper amount of gasoline to your engine as it is needed. Unfortunately, things as simple as a dirty filter can cause the engine to not get enough fuel.

It's also possible that the fuel you purchased has contaminants in it, which is due to getting bad gas at a local gas station. Once those contaminants are in the fuel, it will cause your engine to misfire and cause the entire vehicle to shake. You can prevent this by making sure that your fuel filter is in good condition to filter out contaminants. If the truck is still shaking, then you'll want to have the fuel system cleaned by a local mechanic to make sure there are no problems with the fuel injection system.

While these three problems may fix your truck's problems with shaking, it may still be acting up. Take your vehicle in for an inspection to get to the bottom of it. For more information, contact a company like River's Truck Center.